1. So i decided this is my first tattoo i want!!! 

    #Disney #findingnemo #tattoo #cute #disney tattoo #amazing

  2. Yummmm

  3. pbh3:

    Every Mom ever.

  4. noseriouslyofficial:

    Punishing like a sir

    AWWW, if my dog or cat pees on my bed, im going to make them wear a tie :D 

  5. She’s absolutely gorgeous…

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  6. Beer is kind of healthy then :D 

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  7. rainbowdancingunicorn:

    pokemon alpacas <3 

    Amazing :)


  8. tozzzz1991:

    The Avengers: Pokemon Edition

    That so cute! :) 

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  9. More scarification, even though i wouldn’t get it, the sure do look amazing! 

  10. Scarification!